Ecolution collectionΒ layout before the TradeΒ show andΒ prep work in charcoal grey and silver grey.A combo of Merino wool felt and vegetable tanned leather was used.

Ecolution November02 028
Ecolution handmade wool felt leather collection silver grey vegetable tanned leatherΒ Shop Ecolution


Booth impressions from EcolutionΒ Artisan Christmas FairΒ in Lucerne SwitzerlandΒ 


Published by ECOLUTION

Hi, I am Sylvken, designer and maker of Ecolution lifestyle products. My passion is for expert handmade items, well balanced designs, durable and eco-friendly materials. Inspiration comes from my Swiss environment, German heritage, Nature and natural materials, Art and my large vintage fabric collection.Designs have evolved over the years from my travels around the world to create unique, yet thoughtful practical and stylish bags and accessories.

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