Bedroom Ikea Hack

After 10 years of traveling, our dream living on the lake, came true in 2017.We bought a small, but with a mighty view apartment and ever since we enjoy the lake , our trips with our canue and renovating our place of course.

Most of our savings were consumed for the down payment to purchase the place and we still have to renovate it.The apartment was in a desolate condition and we were quoted a very high amount of money to get it renovated by proffessionals.So we decided to do it ourselves. Renovating on a very tight budget can be tricky.


With a  small bedroom, your options are very limited, so we decided to position 2 Ikea Pax closets next to the bed.Not our thing to wake up in the morning and look at monster closets : (

Here is how we hacked the Pax Ikea closets : We build  2 custom shelves from the left over wood from the shiplapped wall ,then we wired up the boxes with ready made kits from Hornbach ( a home department store here in Switzerland) , connected 2 lamps and cut 2 openings at the side of the pax closet. It was a bit daring I admit to cut a hole in a brand new closet : )


what do you think? We are lovin it : )


Published by ECOLUTION

Hi, I am Sylvken, designer and maker of Ecolution lifestyle products. My passion is for expert handmade items, well balanced designs, durable and eco-friendly materials. Inspiration comes from my Swiss environment, German heritage, Nature and natural materials, Art and my large vintage fabric collection.Designs have evolved over the years from my travels around the world to create unique, yet thoughtful practical and stylish bags and accessories.

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