Lake side living

Decorating with vintage oars . As passionate canue paddlers we do have a whole bunch of vintage oarsΒ  kicking around in our apartment, before we got our new ones, top notch single oars, lightweight and sssuper fast, handmade in the USA. But what to do with the vintage double oars? so, I played around aContinue reading “Lake side living”


Unique Leather Battery Case. Handmade in Switzerland

This cool, hand sewn leather pouch with its unique closure, holds and protects your batteries safely. Stores up to 4 AA sized batteries or 4 AAA cells, just fill the bottom up with batteries and slide it into the top part. It fits in snugly and secure.

Vegetable tanned leather and hand sewn techniques were used to make this artisan leather pouch. Handmade in the heart of Switzerland.

iPhone case made with Merino Wool Felt Ecolution – Handmade in Switzerland

iPhone Case Handmade in Switzerland with Wool Felt Leather

Business card holders.Eco friendly wool felt.Handmade in Switzerland

Wholesale Business card holder in charcoal black wool felt. Corporate gifts handmade by Ecolution handmade in Switzerland